1 large tortilla*
Monterey Jack Cheese
Tomato, diced
Kale, de-stemmed

  1. Heat lightly oiled nonstick pan. Place tortilla on top. 
  2. Add as much or as little of  filling your heart desires on one half of the tortilla. Fold over.
  3. When cheese is gooey and you think its looking good, flip it over to toast the other side more.
Cut, serve, enjoy!

*Side note: So, I used two small tortillas instead of one large one and guess what? FLIPPING THE TORTILLA WAS A PAIN IN THE BUTT. Don’t do it. I have warned you...

This is such a versatile recipe. Try it with anything you have in the fridge! Be creative! Cheese and chocolate quesdilla? Sounds hella good to me! Let me know in the comments below what you like to put in your quesadilla! :)

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