30 Day Homecooking Challenge Week 1 FOOD THOUGHTS+Recipe Links

30 Day Homecooking Challenge Week 1 FOOD THOUGHTS + Recipe Links

Day 1 (9/15/14):

It's Day 1 and I already blew it in my mind. I ate a packaged Pineapple Chobani Greek Yogurt and I didn't use the packaged Greek yogurt as an ingredient of a dish so, for the rest of the challenge, I will consider it to be a packaged good that needs to be prepared. 

Out of guilt, I looked up where the yogurt came from. Did you know that Chobani uses milk from GMO cows? A GMO (genetically modified organism) is an organism that has been genetically engineered with DNA from another organism to incorporate favorable traits.

Here's an unbiased infographic about GMOs by mapsofwork.com.

There's lots of debate about the ethics, economics, law, and science of genetic engineering that I might get into in a future post post.

After work, I came home to see a cookie left at home by my roommate who works for The Pacific Cookie Company. Let's just say I gave into my cookie addiction...

I can't believe how hard it is to avoid packaged and restaurant foods!!! Maybe its just me and it's hard for me to avoid food in general. Hahaha~ I am determined to try harder tomorrow. Today felt like more of a test run and trial and error.

For dinner, I made Tomato Couscous Risotto today and was super surprised by how yummy it was!!! Thank to all my roomies who tried it and told me they liked it! <3 :) 

Click HERE for the recipe. 

Day 2 (9/16/14):

I had some leftover couscous that I didn't turn into the risotto so I quickly tried to flavor it this morning with some boiled eggs and spices. Let's just say it did not turn out to be as delicious as the risotto last night. (This is proving my theory that everything in life is better with onions, garlic, and tomatoes.)

During noon, I decided to make some Pumpkin Curry! This is one of my favorite curries (okra curry is my other favorite)! It's super simple and easy to make! 

Click HERE for the recipe. 

Before my afternoon classes, I wanted to grab some coffee today since I was falling asleep during earlier classes, but I decided not to after reminding myself that I was on a challenge. I got as far as the cafe line and forced myself to turn away. I felt like such a snob or elitist for deciding not to buy coffee I didn't make. *O* Is that weird? I know I'm weird. :o) <3

Day 3 (9/17/14):

Today, I made Butternut Squash Pizza and it tasted awesome! I'm surprised at how good my dishes are turning out! -knock on wood- (So I don't curse my good luck). 

Click HERE for the recipe!

It's been really hard to eat a just homecooked meal diet because of the inconvenience of forgetting to pack things and then I get hungry and I end up not caring about anything else except ending my hunger ASAP. Maybe I will learn a very valuable virtue by the end of this challenge, PATIENCE. Haha~

Another challenge is that I work at a cafe and it's so hard to avoid eating all the wonderfully-smelling pastries!!! I gave in today and ate a pastry. THIS IS SUCH A CHALLENGE RAWR!!! Then again, it's all about learning from mistakes~~~ hopefully lol.

Later at night, I attempted to eat leftover couscous (from day 2) that I didn't make into a risotto and was scarred by the fact that MOLD HAD SABOTAGED IT! Yes, THE HORROR. (I figured this out after putting a big spoonful into my mouth and tasting bitter bitter mold. I am now bitter too. ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ) I have learned my lesson. DON'T LEAVE FOOD OUT IN WARM WEATHER. 

ON A BETTER NOTE, today, was awesome. -TWO THUMBS UP- B/c my butternut squash pizza was awesome.

Day 4 (9/18/14):


Today, I have a midterm and guess what I did? I stress ate on protein bars!!! NOOOOO. I know. Sadness. T____T When I'm stressed out, I eat and throw out all logical reasoning. WHO'S WITH ME??? Yep, knew it. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, FOOD LOVERS!

I predict that the quote "If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail" will continue to nag at me throughout this entire challenge. :P


Made myself a yummy egg, spinach, tomato sauce omlette-thing-a-mabob with toast...I'll name this recipe "Everything I pretty have much in the fridge that I have no idea what to do with + EGG". When you have egg, everything in life will be okay.


My mentor Dana and ading Sherwin came over for dinner today! I made Aloo Baingan (Eggplant Potato Curry), Dana made fried chicken (&& tortillas for my curry...THANKS MENTOR!), and Sherwin brought over beignets. Yay for fun company & relaxation after a midterm! 

It was a good night. <3

Click HERE to make Aloo Baingan!

Day 5 (9/19/14):

Made myself a really bomb latte at work today: Iced Raspberry Mocha Latte. Tasted just like Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate Raspberry. AMAZING! Ask your Peet's barista to make an iced mocha latte + raspberry syrup and you'll be drinking the same awesome drink I am~!

Saw this dog while walking home~ So cute!!! (I really want a dog.)

Tonight, I am blessed with food from a SUPERB cook, Shane's mom! Tonight, she made us her flavorful baked salmon. It was creamy, moist, spicy, filling, and all things full of love~! When I learn to make it, I'll definitely share it

Day 6 (9/20/14):

Today, I really wanted to make protein bars and...TA DA~! I present to you Chocolate Nectarine Protein Bars! I'm surprised that they weren't falling apart and actually held their shape after I baked it! I followed No Meat Athelete's Ultimate Energy Bar Formula and it worked! I didn't have beans, so my bars don't have the ultimate protein capacity, but in my opinion, they're a tasty, filling energy snack! :)

Click HERE to learn how to make Chocolate Nectarine Protein Bars!

Look what my mom and grandma cooked for dinner tonight! :)

(From left to right, clockwise) Chayote, Egg + Tomato, Fish, BBQ pork, eggplant

Also, happy birthday to my grandma! 

She's so cute! <3 :)



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