Seattle Travel & Food Day 4: Last day!

Hello friends!

Here is the last segment of my Washington Travel & Food trip! Enjoy! :)

Instead of bright and early, we woke up dark and early (sun was still hidden!) to catch our Amtrak from Bellingham to Seattle. Thanks for great times B-ham! Here's some media of the gorgeous scenery we passed by during our train ride:

Since Waterfall Garden was a quick walk from King Street Station, we peeked in to see what all the hype was about. I was a little disappointed to see how small the garden was, but it was still beautiful nevertheless! Apparently, UPS commemorated its 100th year of service here in 2007 (since this location is close to the first UPS headquarters that was built in Seattle's Pioneer Square Neighborhood in 1907). For a park built in 1987, this park is well-kept! It's definitely a neat little place to enjoy lunch or take someone out on a date! :) 

Despite being hungry, we still decided to embark on a 40 minute walk to Ezell's. Rumors has it that Oprah deems they make the best fried chicken in the area and has their fried chicken flown out to her when she craves it. With a rumor like that, we had to try it! I'm glad to tell you all that our 40 minute trek was well worthwhile! I ordered the 2-piece chicken meal with spicy, dark meat. It came with a tasty sweet roll & 2 sides; I chose mashed potatoes and corn kernels. Their fried chicken was unlike any other fried chicken I've ever had before: crispy, crunchy, juicy, slightly spicy, and full of yummy! Normally, I'm not a fried chicken fan, but this chicken can change minds. Super affordable, super good! You definitely gotta give it a try if you're ever in town.
Unfortunately, the three of us didn't have great sleep the past few nights and were pretty tired from the endless walking we've been doing the past few days. We mutually agreed to kick back and relax at a homey, quaint coffee shop, Zeitgeist Kunst & Kaffee. I was super happy for this kickback day because now it gave me time to read A Feast for Crows! (Wooooo for Game of Thrones!!!) 
Yessss Game of Thrones!!!
Next stop: dinner at Sprout! This place is basically a very healthy Chipotle, but personally, Chipotle food has more flavors. I do love how this place serves froyo. Sprout also gets brownie points for having wraps; I'm a sucker for wraps because they're easy to hold and eat. Nom nom nom!
 We picked up our luggages at the Amtrak station and Uber-ed our way to the airport. 
Bye Washington! Thanks for fun times! <3 :)

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