Seattle Travel & Food Day 2

Hello hello!

I hope you are all well-rested and enjoying the merriments of life! :) Here's our Day 2 adventures. Enjoy!

We began Day 2 by visiting the recently opened Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room. It's basically a smaller Willy Wonka factory, for coffee, but unfortunately, no Oompa Loompas. Because the beans are of "high-quality," coffee here can get pretty pricey. Since I'm a foodie, I had to taste their coffee! My tall mocha was $6 after tax; I enjoyed it because it tasted just like 90% dark chocolate. Yummmmmmmmmm. One disappointment was that all the cacao flavors were clumped at the bottom of the cup. In conclusion, Philz Coffee in the bay is 100000000000000% better than this place. The scene/vibe is pretty cool to check out though.

Getting coffee made my crew & I slightly late for our next stop, which was SAVOR SEATTLE FOOD TOURS!!! This. tour. was. AMAZING!!! They have various tours, but we did the favorite Pike Place Market tour. If anyone EVER visits Seattle, this is a MUST-DO activity. Why? Because while you are checking out the sites, your tour guide will be telling you the history of everything WHILE feeding you lots of samples from the best food places in the area! Without having to spend so much money buying food from every shop, you can spend your money on getting a local to show you around, learn history, and try everything yummy & delicious! Lucky us, we also scored a Groupon deal for this tour. Yeaaaaaa saving money!
Here's the punniest person you will ever meet, our tour guide Brett. (Maria, we have found your mate. Haha~)
After the tour, we decided to explore Pike Place on our own and visit spots that were not covered on the tour. 

Here's the dirtiest wall I will probably ever pose next to:
Coolest, spiciest kitchen necessity.
Lol. Great title, Shinta, great title. <3
Manisha bought the most rad earrings.
We tried crumpets for the first time: Nutella edition! Yum!
Next stop, Seattle Art Museum (SAM)! Very cool exhibits! :)
BEST. CHOWDER. EVER. (Sorry SF. :( They beat you.) If you don't believe me, check out all the competitions Pike Place Chowder has won with this chowder! I wish they didn't run out of bread bowls when we stopped by. X_X Still delicious nonetheless!
Pit stop: Play with cute doggies!!! <3 They are both white German Shepards. So cool! I love love love how there are so many dogs in Seattle. Can't wait until I can raise a dog of my own!
Last stop: Seattle Asian Art Museum - Again, loved all of their exhibits! :)
Alright, off to start Day 3. See ya later! :)

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