Seattle Travel & Food Day 1

Hey guys! :) 

Yesterday I landed in The Evergreen State (aka Washington)! My best friends (Manisha & PJ) and I decided to take a mini-vacay since we have a month-long winter break and to visit a longtime friend. Let the adventures begin!

After landing, we had difficulty finding our baggage and then we had trouble figuring out how to get to Seattle from the airport but eventually everything worked out well. (Thank you for the existence of public transportation and Uber!) Our Airbnb location is gorgeous! 

For the first excursion, we traveled through Capitol Hill, the closest neighborhood to us AND the closest place we could get goooood food; we were all starving at this point. 

We ended up eating fresh, delicious Mexican food at Villa Escondida! Lucky us, we also arrived when Happy Hour started, so we scored a deal! (We're trying to be thrifty on this trip as much as we can so we can eat more food~ Haha :P) Here's my $5 Veggie  Quesadilla: 

Next, we walked down to Pike Place Market to get a preview before our food tour the next day (aka later today). We discovered an artistic, beautiful Mexican folk art store, Milagros (which means Miracles ^_^).

Here's us posing in front of Pike Place Market.

We also rode on The Great Seattle Wheel. So fun & great views! 

Next stop: Rachel's Ginger Beer! (Cranberry Pomegranate [seasonal flavor]: Spicy, fruity, AMAZING!!!)

Dinner: Twisty Pasties - This restaurant is known for their Cornish Pasty, a flaky crescent shaped dough filled with delicious stuffing, which are then baked. It originated from nineteenth century miners in the Cornwall region of England. I ordered the Carne Adovada Pasty, which is New Mexico red chile pork stew with Achote rice and cheddar cheese. Super yummy, but can feel heavy if you eat too much. It's a must try location! :)

Alright, I'm gonna start Seattle Travel & Food Day 2, so bye bye for now! :) <3

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