Seattle Travel & Food Day 3

Hello hello!

Reporting Seattle Day 3 here! Hungry and carless, but still foodie-oriented, we embarked on a 35 minute walk to Portage Bay Cafe & Catering, which serves delicious brunch food!
Cool graffiti on our walk!
Phil's Breakfast at Portage
Fremont Troll!!! He's located underneath a freeway. See that car? :P
Space Needle!
After visiting the awesome troll sculpture, we headed off to Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum, a museum dedicated to the ideas and risk-taking that fuel contemporary popular culture. This time around they had exhibits on Jimi Hendrix, Indie Games, and all kinds of music. We loved checking out this museum so we recommend every Seattle visitor to check it out! The only sad part is that EMP will be having a Star Wars exhibit at the end of the month, which we won't be able to see. :( Oh welps, check out the fun we had at EMP below! :)
Rock 'n' Roll
Jimi Hendrix Exhibit

Indie Game Exhibit
I tried.
Manisha = DJ Boss
Macklemore's Angels - Thrift Shop edition
Didn't you know we were in a band? We're the Hay$tack.
Coffee at Drip City Coffee Co. to regain energy. Yum!
After aimlessly walking around Pike Place, we settled for dinner from the best cheese shop ever, Beecher's Handmade Cheese. I ordered a smoked turkey sandwich and it was delicious!!! It's made with Beecher's famous Flagship cheese, which is a little nutty, salty, and full of yummy!
Artist selling her etched wood work at Pike Place.
My personalized Smoked Turkey sandwich. Oh yummmmm~
Cheeeeezy goooey goodnesssssss~
Off to Bellingham, WA now! Tata for now!

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