Creamy Strawberry Cashew Dressing

Hello all~! 

I hope the month of June has been treating you all very well, blasting you with lots of happiness and success! This past week I have been postponing groceries for the longest time everrrrr. Now, the only things in my fridge are milk, 1/4th of a watermelon, a gazillion condiments, strawberries, spring salad mix, tiny little tangerines, and lemons. In my pantry, I have nuts...more nuts...and raisins.

Yeahhhh....I best make a trip to the grocery store tomorrow or die of starvation... *O*

BUT EVEN WITH MY LIMITED AMOUNT OF INGREDIENTS...I was able to create a pretty awesome salad dressing!!! YAASSS. 

Creamy Strawberry Cashew Dressing

Prep time: 1 minute
Blend time: 1 minute


- 6 fresh & ripe medium strawberries
- 1 oz. cashews
- 1/2 cup milk
- 1 tbsp sesame oil

1. Throw all three ingredients into a magic bullet or powerful blender & BLEND AWAY.

Serve with spinach or your favorite salad mix. (Serves 1)*

*Side Note: I used spring salad mix, but it was just NO b/c I despise the purple leaf thing (AKA radicchio) that is in it. It is so BITTER. Apparently, according to epicurious, radicchio turns from bitter to sweet if you cook it. Guess I'll have to try that sometime! 

This dressing is packed with lots of heart healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as well as vitamins and minerals. Eating unsaturated fats, like those found in cashews and sesame oil, improves blood cholesterol levels, reducing risks for heart disease. Cashews are also filled with magnesium, which are vital for promoting healthy bones. Eating nuts twice a week, in general, can also reduce the risk of weight gain according to results of a 28-month study in Spain. Strawberries can help or prevent a number of ailments including (but not limited to) reducing risks for heart disease with anthocyanins, fight cancer with antioxidants, reduce high blood pressure with potassium, preventing constipation with high water content, aiding pregnancy with folic acid, and helping depression with folate. 

In summary, enjoy this yummy salad dressing made with all-natural, healthy whole foods & minimal ingredients! :)

Off to a tangent here. Remember my post earlier that listed my top ten favorite to item combos? (If not, click here to job your memory! :)) Well...this past week in which I have been living off minimal groceries has led me to creating an honorary member towards this post. The award-winning couple that I have been addicted to is ~DRUM ROLL~: CASHEWS + RAISINS!!! Yes, I like raisins in this fashion. I also like adding this power couple into my tuna salad...>_>;; DON'T JUDGE ME. IT TASTES JUST LIKE YOU THINK IT WOULD TASTE LIKE: AMAZING; SWEET & NUTTY MARRIED TO THE CHICKEN OF THE SEA. TRY IT. YOU'RE WELCOME. OKAY. I'M DONE WITH MY SPIEL. LOVE YOU. BYE.

Nutrition Info (dressing only): Calories 355.6 Total Fat 28.2 g Saturated Fat 5.3 g Polyunsaturated Fat 8.1 g Monounsaturated Fat 13.5 g Cholesterol 6.0 mg Sodium 58.9 mg Potassium 462.7 mg Total Carbohydrate 20.4 g Dietary Fiber 2.5 g Sugars 11.6 g Protein 8.9 g Vitamin A 5.2% Vitamin C 68.0%

Calorie counter used:


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